We support you with our telephone service from 24:00 to 0:00h. On behalf of the employer, we answer client questions, handle complaints or take over purchase orders for you. With you SLAs (Service Level Agreements) are defined accurately and as long as we adhere to them, quality will not fail.


  • Taking over purchase order Secretariat
  • Complaints processing
  • Customer Support
  • Data collection
  • Customer Support


We help improve your sales processes. Years of experience with client retraining, phone sales procedure, or direct phone sales.

Specialized in

Initiating interest

Inquiring clients

Arranging appointments



Correspondence is made on your behalf (Outbound, Inbound, E-Mail, Chat other Social Media) and to the satisfaction of your clients as well as for smooth support of the process implementation.


  • Taking over purchase order
  • Invoicing
  • Quality control
  • General administrative jobs


An effective way to save your time in your day-to-day business without having to give up professional control instruments. We track your most important numbers through your proven control system, or create them together, tailored to your needs.


  • DB-calculation
  • Cost control mechanisms
  • Tools for more efficient management support
  • Increasing effectiveness and efficiency

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