“Work” is in general every occupation and any type of work, paid or unpaid, official or unofficial. It consists of all efforts and activities you go through to accomplish a certain goal.

“Job” is not officially a German word and is used to describe the official paid work you do to earn money. This is where your skills get sharpened, the time you put into your job gets rewarded, but you can still have many different jobs in your life, until you discover your passion or land your profession. The term job is usually used very neutrally to describe the pursuit of gainful employment. However, it is not stated whether or not that person enjoys the job. The focus is rather on the goal of making money.

It is a little different with the term “profession”. The occupation is usually also associated with an expected education of which one is aware. Usually the person choose this intentionally, thinking carefully of the future duties in a long term. “Profession” is what you have learned / studied as a profession. It is not necessarily what you are doing to make a living (your “profession” may be a mathematician, but you have a “job” as a cleaner). Jobs are usually only temporary, while you can usually only have one occupation.

To call a job the true calling it is necessary to already have an ideology behind this term. A job only becomes a vocation when you can identify with it, when you enjoy doing it and when it fulfills you.

Does work have to be fun? Actually, you shouldn’t have to ponder this question for long. Of course, work should be fun. However, the reality is often different. Only true enthusiasm for one’s own projects and tasks makes it possible to achieve great things and develop ideas that no one has had before. Many describe their professional activity as monotonous, boring or even dull. And that doesn’t just affect the employee. If you look forward to the upcoming projects and are proud of the performance of your company, your team and yourself, then the work gives you exactly what it should: fulfillment and meaning. If you enjoy your work, you can easily get a so-called run. Then everything will be very easy for you and you will create projects and tasks that are really impressive. Feeling of togetherness and the associated target-oriented and objective communication are therefore basic requirements for success in professional life. If you enjoy your work, then you can overlook a colleague’s mistake or the rough answer from a colleague.

Having fun at work has been shown to have positive effects on health. Your body releases happiness hormones when you do a job with enthusiasm and dedication. Endorphins in your blood reward you for your efforts and make you feel fun and happy at work.